Paper and Thread workshop

Rosie and I were commissioned by NSEAD in partnership with Artswork to deliver a workshop for teachers and artists working in schools. I showed participants how to make simple one-sheet folded books and Rosie introduced everyone to free machine embroidery. Everyone enjoyed trying out the new techniques and thinking about how they could apply them in…

There in spirit

Fabulous and generous mention on Ruth Geldard’s a-n blog. Clare “invited me to an experimental and collaborative workshop with other artists in a shed, with materials and thread. I looked forward to this immensely and prepared four canvases in preparation. And then fate in the shape of a large sink hole on the M2, conspired…


The collaboration will involve a series of artist to artist workshops where we share ideas and experimental approaches to materials and making. The workshops are not teaching workshops, rather an opportunity to problem solve, improvise and share knowledge. We will be inviting other artists to join us and numbers will depend on which venue we…


I’ve just discovered a fabulous catalogue of an exhibition in 2012, by Visual Arts Center of New Jersey of work that references textiles: TEXTILITY


To improvise is to follow the ways of the world, as they unfold, rather than to connect up, in reverse, a series of points already traversed. Tim Ingold (July 2010)