Stitched Time at WOW Folkestone

Stitched Time opened in Folkestone on 2 March 2015 with a conversation hosted by Dover Arts Development (DAD) with all the Stitched Time artists taking part in the conversation along with other guests. The exhibition ran from 3 – 7 March in an empty shop at 2 Church Street, which was also the venue in which the series of lunchtime talks (lunchtime bites) programmed as part of Folkestone’s Women of the World Festival took place.

Brilliant idea of Rosie’s to place the stitching tables in the window so that passers-by could see the stitching of new scrolls being performed in the space. Some were brave enough to come in, look and talk or comment:

  • “Someone was drunk when they made that!”
  • “That would be very expensive wallpaper.”
  • “The work is very gentle.”
  • “Beautiful.”

WOW Folkestone 2015 was co-curated by Allegra Galvin (Quarterhouse Folkestone), Diane Dever (Folkestone Fringe) and poet Leah Thorn.


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