Cloth Workshop led by Rosie

This is the first artist to artist workshop and will take place in February.

We will be making work in consideration of Tim Ingolds writing “Creative entanglements in a world of materials”

We will be considering the following notions from the above text and improvising with cloth, to see what results.

1. Entanglement: meshwork of interwoven lines of growth and movement
2. Threading a line through the world
3. The Thing is a “parliament of lines”. A knot whose threads trail beyond, only to become caught with other threads in other knots.
4. In growth the point becomes a line,. but the line contributes to its ever evolving weave.
5. Left to themselves materials can run amok.
6. To improvise is to follow the ways of the world rather than connect up in reverse a series of points already traversed.
7. The big tapestry of nature which history is weaving.
8. Meshwork
9. Writing as a tissue of lines (Lefebvre) Practical activity writes on nature, leaving a meshwork of trails.
10. From room to room and in and out.
11. Netting, network, woven weave, lace, tracery, web, plexus
12. Knotted together at the centre, trailing loose ends at the periphery.

We will use a variety of fabrics, threads, stitching, needles, scissors, in order to make our improvisations. We will not be creating objects or making things, we will have no end result in mind. We will be following the processes of formation.